A Georgia pilot sued Jeffrey Epstein's estate after buying the disgraced financier's old jet, calling the aircraft 'tainted'

Jeffrey Epstein in Cambridge, MA on 9/8/04. Epstein has connections to many prominent people, including actors, academics, and politicians. Epstein was found guilty of having sex in public with an underage woman. Rick Friedman/Corbis via Getty Images
Jeffrey Epstein is being sued by a Georgia pilot who bought the jet of a disgraced financier.

Thomas Huff claimed that he was conned into buying the items weeks before Epstein's arrest for sex trafficking.

He stated that the jet was "damaged" by the stigma associated with the disgraced financier.

Georgia businessman and pilot Jeffrey Epstein purchased a jet from Georgia. He sued Epstein's estate. Epstein claimed that he had been duped into purchasing an aircraft "tainted by Epstein's criminal enterprise," The Daily Beast reported.

Thomas Huff purchased the jet and a "controlling interests" in an adjacent limited liability company in June 2019. This was weeks before Epstein was arrested for sex traficking and conspiracy to sex trade in July 2019.

Epstein was in custody awaiting trial. He was held at the Metropolitan Correctional Center, New York. There he committed suicide last July.

Huff filed the Atlanta lawsuit against Epstein's executors last week. He claimed that JEGE LLC (an adjoining company previously controlled by Epstein) has been "damaged" by the stigma connected to the disgraced financier.

According to court documents, The Beast reported that Epstein accused him of selling Huff the Gulfstream jet and acquiring a controlling interest in JEGE. He also denied notifying him that he was involved in a "massive criminal enterprise involving rape.

Huff claimed that Epstein knew or should have known that his criminal actions that resulted in child victimization and sexual exploitation would, if and whenever discovered, have a dramatic effect on the assets of JEGE." Citing a report from The Washington Post

Huff claimed that he would not have bought JEGE if he had been informed of Epstein's involvement in the international sex ring. The lawsuit also stated that Epstein was a Georgia pilot who tried to stop the sale when Epstein was detained.

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According to court documents, which cite The Daily Beast report, "Upon Mr. Epstein being arrested and his crimes against children becoming publicly known, Thomas Huff contacted Jeffrey E. Epstein’s counsel and gave notice of rescission" Jeffrey E. rejected this. Epstein."

Jeff Banks, an attorney representing Huff said that his client had no personal relationship with Epstein and that all information about Epstein he could get would have been through his pilot.

Banks stated that the plane has had a negative impact on my client's ability to use it. Banks stated that "a lot of people track it and fly on it. They harass them and don't want the plane anymore. It's also affected his business."

Insider reached out to banks for comment but they did not immediately respond.

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