Nude-friendly Google Photos folders coming to iOS next year

Google is expanding a number of its privacy- and security features, including Google Photos secure Locked Folder, Google One VPN, and the new central security hub for Pixels. These plans were described in a blog post that summarized the company's security initiatives.
Google Photos Locked Folder, which allows Pixel owners to hide sensitive photos or videos in a passcode/biometric-protected directory, will soon be available for iOS users.

For more Android devices, the Pixels Security Hub will also be available

This week, Google Ones VPN is expanding to 10 countries: Austria, Belgium Denmark, Finland Ireland, Ireland, Finland, Finland, Iceland and Sweden. This service is included free of charge with 2TB or more Google One cloud storage plans in Canada and the United States.

Google confirmed that the Security Hub, which was first introduced on the Pixel 6 phones, will be available on all Android phones. This hub will give you a quick overview of your device's security and warn you if settings such as Find My Device or Screen lock are not enabled. 9to5Google reported previously that the feature was available on older Pixel devices running Android 12. Now, Google claims it plans to make the feature available to the entire ecosystem.