Atlanta Hawks star Trae Young speaks out on new rules, frustrated with 'missed calls'

WASHINGTON -- Hawks' guard Trae Young stopped mid-postgame comment, possibly wondering if he was going too much -- or if he felt that he had already done so.
The Atlanta star stated, "I don’t want to be fined too much. But it’s frustrating."

Young's latest comments will be received by the league in a variety of ways. Although this was not an unhinged rant by Young, he had plenty to say on the officiating of the Hawks' loss to Washington 122-111. Young was among five players to receive a technical foul, while another was awarded for delaying the game.

He said, "There are a lot missed calls." It's basketball. It's just that it feels like they're learning and they just don't know. It is frustrating.

Young went into more detail moments later. This season, there is a new ban on any non-basketball moves that are designed to draw contact. Officials shouldn't call defensive fouls when they happen, and Young and James Harden often get mentioned as players who might be affected.

Young averaged 8.7 free throw attempts per game last season. After taking just three Thursdays, he's now averaging 4.4.

Young stated, "I heard James say it's about James, but it doesn't target just one or two players."

Young also mentioned Devin Booker and Damian Lillard, two other stars with slow starts.

"You can watch basketball. Young stated that Damian Lillard has never averaged 17 point per game probably since his rookie season. There are a few guys. Book is averaging 18. It's not just that guys drive straight, but there are many things that can happen when they get knocked off balance.

After Thursday's game, Kyle Kuzma, a Wizards forward, took to Twitter to share his thoughts on the rule changes.

The league's new rules are the greatest thing in recent history. It's so much more fun to watch the game (@kylekuzma, October 29, 2021).

Golden State Warriors coach Steve Kerr also expressed his support for the changes, saying that he loves what he's seeing. The officials are doing a fantastic job. It has a more authentic feel to it."

Young stated that he was not against changes but still wants certain contact to go whistled.

He said, "Veering back or jumping in men -- that's a different thing." He said, "There are some things that I agree with, but there are still fouls and guys will get hurt." I'm a small guy and will be up against stronger and bigger defenders. They're using my body, and their hands to stop me.

This report was contributed by The Associated Press.