Republicans Can't Stop Apologizing to Big Oil CEOs

Republicans and fossil fuel interests enjoy a cozy relationship. On Thursday, however, that cozy relationship turned into downright NSFW at a hearing ostensibly on fossil fuel misinformation.


The House Oversight Committee received executives from four fossil-based companies, two trade groups, and a pipeline welder. They will be probing decades of confusion campaigns. There is plenty to choose from. There has been a lot of information over the years, including academic and journalist investigations, lawsuits, FTC complaints and sting operations. These have exposed the many ways that the fossil fuel industry lies to the public. This has left the planet in an extremely dangerous position now with a significant carbon pollution drawdown to prevent extreme climate damage.

On Thursday, Republican members of Congress wanted the CEOs of some of America's most powerful corporations to humbly apologise for being held accountable. They wanted to express gratitude to them for their contributions to society, and to scold anyone who dares question these industrial giants.

There is some defense, praise, or obsequiousness.

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This week, a United Nations report warns that the world is in danger of a production shortage. There are more fossil fuels than can be produced to support a safe environment. Others have also warned that fossil fuel exploration must cease next year and that emissions must drop at an unprecedented rate over the next ten years. It is clear that cutting down on fossil fuel production and usage is the best way to achieve this. This is because the fossil fuel industry, aware of the potential for major climate damage, ran a misleading campaign and further ingrained their product in the global economy.

It's also because Republicans and a few Democrats have blocked climate action. They have also maintained power thanks to millions of dollars donated by the fossil fuel industry. In 2020, the industry gave roughly 85% of its donations to Republicans. This year, it is expected to repeat the feat. The same Republicans thanked the industry for their apologies and thanked them on Thursday.


Nevertheless, it is very legal and cool.