Dallas Cowboys QB Dak Prescott wants to play vs. Minnesota Vikings, but not 'fully my decision'

FRISCO (Texas) -- It would be up to Dak Prescott if the Dallas Cowboys' quarterback could play Sunday against Minnesota Vikings, despite a calf strain which has limited him for the past two days.
Prescott stated Thursday that despite knowing this will be a long road and a long season, he is determined to control the things he can. "I have gotten better every day and that is what's most important. "I'm just focusing on doing it again tomorrow."

Prescott stated that the coaches and Britt Brown, the director of rehabilitation, will also be involved in the decision-making process. Prescott worked closely with Brown who managed his rehabilitation from the dislocation and compound fracture of his right ankle as well as his recovery from the latissimus strain he sustained in training camp.

Although Mike McCarthy stated that Prescott would need to pass certain thresholds in practice before he could play, the quarterback claimed that he doesn't know what those thresholds are.

Prescott stated, "They didn’t tell me which ones they’ve got to pass." "Obviously, I trust myself, I trust my body, I trust what I think, and I also trust Britt [Maurer] as well as the entire training staff. This has been a hard work. I have put a lot in my body and taken care of myself.

They know. They are familiar with how these things work. This is my first time with this type of thing, and it's on the same leg as mine, so I want to be cautious and smart. As I said, I have improved each day. Today I am doing things I wasn't able to do yesterday. That's huge, I think."

Prescott underwent a lengthy rehab period prior to practice. This was in imitation of quarterbacks drops, rollouts, and changing direction.

"Today, I pushed it. He said that today, yes, I did not go 75% or half-way. But I did go all. "But I had to give it my all and that was what I did.

Prescott has only taken team snaps during walkthroughs. Cooper Rush took the first-team action in practice over the last few days. McCarthy stated that the team will consider dressing three quarterbacks this season if Prescott plays.

Prescott stated that he wasn't sure he could play last week because of the injury he sustained in the Oct. 17 victory against the New England Patriots. He said that he spent the week in treatment and felt that he could play on Monday. Prescott noted that there are no particular movements that cause him pain and that he would feel at ease playing even with very limited practice.

"Obviously, I've been in the offense for a while. Prescott spoke of his 403-yard pass effort against Tampa Bay in Week 1 and how he sat out camp. I said it today. Just watching practice and going through my reads, sometimes it's easier to see things from behind the camera, watching the game. I have all of my reads and all of the checks. I also know what this game plan is trying to accomplish. This will not change, no matter how limited I am.

The Cowboys are playing their seventh game in 17 on Sunday. Prescott would have played if this were a playoff game or later in the season.

"It'd be no question, 100% no question," he said.

Prescott would love to participate in the extensive walkthrough that the Cowboys will go through on Saturday before they fly to Minnesota.

There is more to the story. He said that it is more than one game. "I don't want it to linger beyond this week. Similar to what I said to you in training camp regarding my shoulder: I want to get it under control and make sure that I'm ready for the next challenge.