Italian DJ files 'criminal claim' against UFC star Conor McGregor

According to a celebrity Italian DJ and TV presenter, Conor McGregor claimed that he punched him in his face.
Francesco Facchinetti, a ESPN interviewer Thursday, confirmed that he filed a complaint to Italian law enforcement after he claimed he was struck by UFC star at a party Oct. 16 in a hotel room in Rome. Facchinetti claimed that he sustained a cut lip, and neck damage. However, he didn't specify the exact neck injury.

ESPN's Facchinetti stated that "it's about ethics, and Conor f---ing dangerous." This is a problem.

Facchinetti stated that he does not want McGregor to be in prison for the alleged incident but he wanted to raise awareness about McGregor’s behavior. This includes a skirm with Machine Gun Kelly at last month's MTV Video Music Awards and McGregor punching an older man in a Dublin bar in 2019.

Facchinetti stated, "He can do more than this." He can do better than this. What happens when a man punches another guy tomorrow? And that guy dies. What happens next? What happens to MMA?

McGregor's team didn't respond to a request for comment on Thursday. According to Italian law, criminal investigations cannot be made public according to Matteo Sergio Calori (Facebook attorney), who also stated that he doesn't have access to the police reports.

Calori sent an email to ESPN stating that "Mr. Facchinetti made criminal claims against Mr. Conor McGregor."

Facchinetti claimed that he was with Bella Thorne, an American actress, and Benjamin Mascolo on October 16. Facchinetti stated that McGregor reached out to Thorne and invited them to a party at St. Regis. Facchinetti, his wife, and their children also attended the party. Facchinetti stated that he was good friends with McGregor and McGregor’s friends, and they drank and chatted for hours.

Facchinetti claims that McGregor changed his demeanor when Thorne, Mascolo stated they were leaving the party. He appeared angry. Facchinetti claimed McGregor then punched Facchinetti in the face with his righthand. Facchinetti stated that McGregor was then pulled by his bodyguards, and the DJ was left bleeding from the face. Facchinetti stated that McGregor's bodyguards asked Facchinetti to ask Facchinetti and Facchinetti to leave the party.

Facchinetti claimed that he and his wife went back to their hotel. He called the police after 35 minutes and officers arrived at his room. Facchinetti claimed that officers advised him to go to the hospital where he was informed that he had sustained a neck injury. Facchinetti claimed that he filed an official complaint against McGregor three days later.

Facchinetti said, "I'm sorry," adding that he had worked with Marvin Vettori, UFC middleweight champion, and other professionals in the sport. "I work in MMA and I love it.

McGregor, a native of Ireland, was visiting Rome to attend his son's christening in the Vatican and pick up his Lamborghini boat.

UFC President Dana White was asked about the situation at a news conference last week and declined to comment.

White stated that he doesn't know enough information about the topic to make any comments. Conor has not spoken to me so I am not able to know the truth. I don't know what exactly happened. It's hard to comment.

Facchinetti stated that he wasn't sure if he would also file suit against McGregor, and will wait to find out what happens with police.

Facchinetti stated, "It's not about me that money is important." "I don’t care about money. I'm rich. I have everything. I am married to a woman and have four children. I live my life. Conor McGregor can give me $10 million.