PETA Wants MLB to Start Calling the 'Bullpen' an 'Arm Barn' over Treatment of Cows

Elsa/Getty Images
PETA has asked Major League Baseball for a change in the name of the bullpen. This term was used since 1800s to refer to the area where pitchers warm-up. It will now be called the "arm barn".

According to TMZ Sports, the nonprofit organization argued that long-term baseball terms are not "animal friendly".

PETA stated that it was against the use of the term "bullpen", which refers to the area where bulls are held before being slaughtered. PETA suggested a more animal-friendly term.

Tracy Reiman (the organization's executive vice-president) said: "Words are important, and baseball bullpens devalue talented players, mock the misery and cruelty of sensitive animals.

It is possible that the bullpen term was used by baseball to refer to bull pens. However, there are many theories as to how the term came to be associated with pitchers, usually relievers.

Although it is not clear why PETA called for a change after more than a century of its use, doing so during the 2021 World Series between AL champion Houston Astros (NL) champion Atlanta Braves ensured that the request received attention.

Rob Manfred, MLB Commissioner, has other issues. These include labor negotiations. If an agreement is not reached before Dec. 2, the current collective bargaining agreements will expire.

Friday night's World Series will resume with Game 3 at Truist park in Atlanta. The two teams split the Houston matchups in the first of seven games.