Apple Reports 4Q 2021 Results: $20.6B Profit on $83.4B Revenue

Apple announced today financial results for its fourth quarter fiscal 2021. This corresponds to the third quarter of the calendar year.

Apple reported a quarter-end revenue of $83.4billion and net quarterly profits of $20.6billion, or $1.24 per share, as compared to $64.7 billion in revenue and $12.7billion net quarterly profit, or $0.73 per share, in the previous year.

Apple's September quarter revenue was record-breaking, and Mac and Services set all time records. However, Apple's performance was not quite in line with analyst expectations. It was probably hampered by component shortages that have caused long shipping times for many products.

The quarter's gross margin was 42.2 percent, which is a decrease of 38.2 percent from the previous year. Apple also paid $0.22 per share in quarterly dividends to shareholders who were registered as of November 8.

Apple broke all company records for the entire fiscal year with $365.8 Billion in sales, $94.7 Billion in net income and $274.5 Billion in sales. This is up from fiscal 2020's $274.5 billion and $57.4B in net income.

Apple's CEO Tim Cook said that this year, we introduced our most powerful products to date, including M1-powered Macs and an iPhone 13 line that sets a new standard in performance and empowers our customers to connect and create in new ways. We're incorporating our values into every product we produce, moving closer towards our 2030 goal to be carbon neutral throughout our supply chain and the entire lifecycle of our products. This will help us further our mission to create a more equitable world.

Apple has stopped issuing guidance for its current quarter, which will conclude in December, as it has done for over a decade.

Apple will stream live the fiscal Q4 2021 financial results conference conference call at 2:00 PM Pacific. MacRumors will update this article with highlights and coverage.

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