Will Saturday be Michigan’s big moment?

The Wolverines will be visiting East Lansing on Saturday, October 31st, with a forecast of low 50s and scattered rains in the morning. It promises to be a great day of Midwestern college football.

It is made even more special by the fact that Michigan (No. Michigan State (No.6) and Michigan State (6. 6) and Michigan State (No. Both teams are 7-0, and ranked in AP Top 10. This is a matchup that has never happened. They last met undefeated back in 2010, when they were both at 5-0. The Civil Rights Act of 1964 made them Top 10 rivals. It's a huge game, suffice it to say.

It's no surprise that MSU and Michigan students received an email signed by their administrators asking them to show sportsmanship, respect others, and leave behind rivalry on the field. They also asked that they remain committed in representing the universities and the great state of Michigan with class.

Be a positive fan. Avoid using profane language, obscene gestures and messages, or threats. You should not bring clothing or signs that use profane language or abuse to the game. Support your team and not the other.

Are you interested in the Halloweekend inter-state rivalry match? Okay. Let's move on.

Jim Harbaugh, the Wolverines' head coach has made a remarkable moral recovery after poor years in the Big Ten. These included a 2-4 COVID year that saw a highlight of a three-overtime win to the Rutgers Scarlet Knights. The Wolverines were barely able to make it through this year. It may be the year after decisive wins against Wisconsin and Northwestern in 2021, as well as a win against a Nebraska squad that is far better than their record suggests. To beat Ohio State? We'll see. It would be foolish to think so far ahead so early. Harbaugh will have the opportunity to beat an undefeated conference competitor this weekend.

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The University of Michigan gave Harbaugh a four-year extension after he lost to Ohio State six times and failed to win the Big Ten championship. They enjoy Harbaugh's presence and the fact that he consistently produces winning records. This is a significant improvement over the Brady Hoke era. Harbaugh's overall record is 56-22, which puts him on par with many of Michigan's in-conference and local rivals like Penn State and Notre Dame.

Harbaugh is currently 3-3 against Spartans, and 2-12 against Top Ten teams (both wins at-home). He is missing his program-defining moment. He has the rare opportunity to win against a team he's been able beat before, and we all assumed that Ohio State would be his program-defining win. He will be able take it.


Michigan currently sits at No. According to NCAA statistics, Michigan currently sits at No. 11 in total defense rankings and No. 5. 5 in rushing offense. They average about four more points per game than MSU and have faced an evenly balanced opponent lineup. In terms of points allowed per game, the Wolverines rank second in the country behind Georgia. However, the Spartans hover just outside the top 20.

It would be easy to list numbers but this is not what it's about. Michigan is the favorite, but Harbaugh's teams have had some problems in the past. This noon game should be great for good old-fashioned great football.