Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney: 'Why not dream big?' Wrexham owners aim for Premier League

In February 2021, Rob McElhenney joined Ryan Reynolds, a Hollywood star who became Wrexham's owners.
Rob McElhenney, co-chairman of Wrexham, says that Wrexham would love to be in the Premier League.

McElhenney, Ryan Reynolds and another Hollywood star are visiting the Welsh club as their first visit since becoming owners in February 2021.

Wrexham are currently in English football's fifth-tier after being relegated from the Football League in 2008. They were 11th in the National League this season, following a mixed start.

McElhenney stated that "Nobody has moved from our league all of the way up into the Premier League, but some clubs have gone to the Championship from the National League."

"So, we're going to obviously try and go beyond that.

"Maybe it's just my naivety but I would tell Humphrey [Ker], club director and comedian] that if the system works could we not theoretically get to The Premier League?"

"He kind of laughed and said, "Well, yes, but that wouldn't happen." It's a mystery to me why.

"We have the potential structure and system to allow us grow at this scale. Why not dream big?

Reynolds said, "If you don’t think like this then I don’t believe you will ever get there. So why not?"

Reynolds stated that the goal was to make the club more global and stressed that the priority was to grow and expand the club in all ways possible.

Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney discuss the Wrexham players

McElhenney and McElhenney made their long-awaited debut at Wrexham's York Road on Tuesday night. The Dragons lost 3-2.

McElhenney said, "That was their first live performance and it didn't go as we hoped,"

"But to see the club fight back as that was really inspiring."

Maidenhead was 2-0 ahead before Wrexham's Bryce Hosannah, who was sent off in the 31st minutes, but despite being one down the visitors managed to draw level before succumbing late to a goal.

Reynolds said, "It was a torture to be at a football match like that and be as invested as we were.

It was a great experience, but there were moments when it was painful. It was so much fun to watch the club out there. They were very impressive, especially in the second half.

"I can't wait to see Saturday. It's going be so exciting!"

Wrexham will play Torquay United on Saturday, the owners' first home match. McElhenney stated that the welcome they have received so far has been "incredible."

Reynolds stated that they had "over a few beers" with supporters at The Turf, the nearby pub where the club was founded in 1864. They had a "no-holds barrered conversation".

He reiterated that the club's decision to purchase the club was based on the involvement of the community.

McElhenney stated, "It is very important that the club has existed for 160 years and will continue to exist for 160 more years.

"We want the club to win now, while we are still alive."

Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney tried a penalty shootout at Wrexham, with mixed results

McElhenney, Reynolds and Phil Parkinson had met earlier at Racecourse Stadium with some of the players and manager Phil Parkinson before they addressed the media.

Reynolds stated that spending time with players and staff was "invaluable". He hopes to spend more time with first-team squad members in the coming days.

McElhenney, the Deadpool actor, and It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia creator also took penalties. They had varied success with the spot.

Reynolds' attempt hit the crossbar, while his co-owner scored.