NFL's Rooney Rule increases minority interview requirements to two

The NFL has made some policy changes to Rooney Rule to increase diversity, equity, and inclusion in its hiring practices.
This rule was expanded to require that teams interview at least two candidates from outside the team for all positions, including general manager/executive football operations. Prior to this, it was a requirement that a minority candidate be interviewed from outside the team in order to fill those openings.

These requirements already applied to openings for head coaches.

NFL clubs must now conduct in-person interviews for at least one candidate from a minority group to fill any opening for head coach or general manger. Interviews with all coordinator and assistant general managers candidates are possible online, but it is encouraged to conduct in-person interviews.

"It's all about how we can ensure that the pipeline is strong with minor coaches, and overall. Jonathan Beane, the NFL's senior vice-president and chief diversity officer, says that everyone should have an opportunity to see.

The chances of interviewing diverse candidates increases exponentially when you have a diverse list and more than one candidate from a minority. Maximize your opportunities. We also wanted to ensure that there weren't any cases where only one candidate was being interviewed. Research has shown that there is often bias in the chance for a person to be hired and given a job.

Beane stressed the importance of receiving feedback from candidates after interviews, no matter who they are.

He explains that one of the recommendations and actions taken by the Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Committee was to address the issue of feedback. We are not mandating feedback but encourage all clubs to provide it. If someone is interviewed for a job but does not get the role, it is crucial that they receive feedback so they can be ready for the next chance.

Also, the interviewing process for head-coaching candidates has been modified. With the agreement of the employer club, teams will be permitted to interview for this position in the last two weeks of the regular-season. This is provided that the job of head coach is not vacant. These interviews can also be conducted virtually.

Candidates who are not employed by NFL teams do not have to be restricted.

In the wake of an investigation into workplace indiscretions with the Washington Football Team, the NFL is providing additional education and training sessions about sexual harassment, diversity and equity, and inclusion.

Beane states, "We must remain committed to creating a safe environment that is welcoming for all." "We must continue to do active and continuous training. ... We will never lack urgency in this area.

"The importance of this work has been highlighted by the latest developments, and this is an opportunity for the NFL and other sports to set the standard. While we may not always be perfect, we will work hard to improve and will have a plan for moving forward.

"We have to stay focused and be committed to our communities, all people, in order to make football truly for everyone. They must feel a sense of belonging when they walk into our offices. If we fail to provide this, we must continue to show that kind of commitment.