Joey Barton: Bristol Rovers manager apologises for Holocaust analogy

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Joey Barton's Bristol Rovers won only once in six matches in all competitions.

Joey Barton, Bristol Rovers manager, has apologized for calling Saturday's performance against Newport County "a Holocaust".

After using the analogy in his postmatch interview, Barton was criticized by anti-Semitism campaigners.

Barton was also contacted by the Football Association in regard to this comment.

He said that although he meant no offense, some people pointed out to him that the analogy was incorrect.

The ex-Madchester City and England midfielder, 39, added that the FA had written to him this week to remind me of our communication and language. It is not your intention to offend or upset anyone.

"I would like to apologize if anyone was offended by this. I believe the FA was right to write and remind me.

"You hope to be able to use better analogies in the future, but it was certain that it was not with malice or offence meant to anyone."

Holocaust was a Holocaust that the Nazis committed during World War Two. It claimed six million lives.

Barton spoke out after Saturday's League Two defeat to his team.

"Someone enters and performs well, but then is suspended or hurt.

"Someone enters for a game and does well, but then they have a Holocaust, a nightmare or an absolute disaster."

This is the first time that either Bristol Rovers nor Barton has addressed these comments since they were discovered on social media.

He said, "It is our duty to be perfect in word and not cause controversy."

"I understand that all we say, even what I'm about to say now, will be gathered in such a manner that it will grab and capture attention from people who use social media, the Internet.

"It was an inane analogy that I used in the context of our modern-day world, and it will not happen again."