Welcome to the party, pal: NFL owners finally see Stan Kroenke as same waste of human flesh the rest of us do

NFL owners are shocked that Stan Kroenke, a noted scumbag, is trying to rescind the bill for a lawsuit relating to his shameless, fraudulent and clearly illegal move of Rams from St. Louis to LA.

Old white men fought at an NFL owners-only meeting. There was a lot of laughter, some eye rolls and perhaps even an animated shrug about Kroenke's attempt to circumvent his indemnification agreement.

Indemnification agreements are basically promises to pay other owners for expenses related to Kroenkes' pending lawsuit by the St. Louis Regional Convention and Sports Complex Authority. This was in relation to losses incurred due to the move of the team from St. Louis to LA in 2016. Now in its fourth year, the lawsuit has cost 32 NFL teams legal fees, with some franchises paying eight-figure sums.

Okay, now that we have a better understanding of what happened, let's take a moment and bask in the goodness that bad things happen to worse people (and not be mad that they can afford it).

It is difficult for me to pretend outrage at owners being bilked of legal fees. They are mad at that, but not about the actual transgression: The jackass who moved the team on shady terms. Jerry Jones sided with Kroenkes and even praised him for being a good friend and returning the NFL back to LA. Puke.

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When you think about how many Kroenke-owned team fans hate Kroenke, it is obvious how disconnected these owners are from reality. This has been something we, a former St. Louis Rams fan and current NFL atheist, have known for a while. How about a man who looks like a Peaky Blinders actor? (It's London, Stan. Not the 1920s.

The Colorado Avalanche, Denver Nuggets and DISH Network fans will no longer be able to view their teams on Direct TV. This is the third season. Altitude TV and Comcast are not compatible with Kroenke's Altitude TV. This team is probably the best Nuggets ever. The reigning MVP is on the team, and the Avs had high expectations. But Kroenke could not disappoint.


Ask Arsenal fans what their American owners think about me if you feel my feelings are extreme. Ted Lasso is not funny by allowing him to manage one of the most prestigious English soccer teams. If you don't suck, the mustache isn't charming. I also haven't mentioned the European Super League fiasco.

I am not exempting any owner; I just say that he is the worst of 32 evils out of 32 NFL owners. I think that trying to screw Bob Kraft, and his co. out millions of dollars might be his favorite thing he's ever done.


To be the most evil of all in a room filled with some truly awful people is an amazing feat. Stanley, happy birthday! I hope that you eat an eclair.