Sony now uses PlayStation PC label for its PC games

PlayStation PC LLC now publishes Sony's PlayStation games on Steam, instead of PlayStation Mobile. Resetera forum posters noticed the change yesterday. It appears that the PlayStation PC company was founded earlier in the year. This could be a sign that Sony will continue to use the PlayStation PC brand in the future.
Over the past year, Sony has steadily increased its presence on PC. Horizon Zero Dawn was released on Steam in August 2020. Days Gone followed in February. Sony will also bring God of War to PC starting January 14th, and the remastered Uncharted Legacy of Thieves Collection sometime in 2022.

Hermen Hulst (Sony's head of PlayStation Studios), revealed that Sony is still in the early stages of its PC plans in June. In a PlayStation blog post, Hulst stated that PlayStation would remain the best place for our PlayStation Studios titles. We value PC gamers and will continue to consider the best times to launch each title.

Jim Ryan, CEO of Sony Interactive Entertainment, has described Sony's PC games push to be an easy decision for his company. Ryan spoke to GQ in an interview earlier this year. He said that there is a chance to show off these great games and to recognize the economics involved in game development. As the IP quality improves, so does the cost of making games. It has also become easier to make it available to people who don't own a console. It was a simple decision to make.