American Airlines said a flight was diverted after a male passenger 'physically assaulted' a female flight attendant

American Airlines stated that a flight was diverted because a passenger attacked a flight attendant.
American Airlines stated that the passenger will not be allowed to fly with them again.

According to the FAA, it received almost 5,000 reports from passengers who were disruptive this year.

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American Airlines claims that Wednesday's flight was diverted after a male passenger physically assaulted a female flight attendant.

According to the airline, the flight left New York's John F. Kennedy International Airport and was diverted to Denver on its way to John Wayne Airport in California's Orange County.

American stated that the flight was diverted because of a passenger who had physically assaulted a flight attendant.

The airline stated that the aircraft had safely landed and was taken to the gate, where law enforcement took the passenger into custody.

Insider was confirmed by Denver's airport police that the flight was diverted and that the FBI was investigating. Insider was also informed by the Federal Aviation Administration that they would investigate the incident.

During the coronavirus epidemic, passengers have been more disorderly. Many flight attendants report being yelled at and hit by passengers, and they worry for their safety.

American stated that it was outraged by the incident, and barred the passenger's flight with the airline.

The airline stated that the incident involved would not allow the individual to fly with American Airlines again, but they will not rest until the man has been charged to the full extent.

American Airlines will not tolerate violence against its team members," the carrier stated. This behavior must end, and aggressive enforcement of and prosecution under the law are the best deterrents."

The airline stated that it was thinking of the injured flight attendant and supporting her and her crew members.

According to the FAA's website, nearly 5,000 passengers had reported being unruly as of Tuesday. 3,580 of those were people refusing federally mandated face masks.