Apple’s notch ‘fix’ brings fat bezels back to the MacBook Pro

Yesterday's support document reveals a Scale below built-in camera option for macOS. This will force apps to use the display below the edge. This temporary solution is for apps that don't currently work with the new MacBook Pros' notch.
Apple's new laptops have a camera notch that allows for a larger edge-to-edge display. As we discovered yesterday, both the OS and apps can behave badly on the new MacBook Pro models. App menus and status bars items can be hidden beneath the camera cutout, as owners of the MacBook Pro models found out. This is fixed by scaling-to-fit, but it results in the same large bezels that the notch was supposed to eliminate.

Artist @Jatodaro demonstrated the scaling feature on Twitter. He showed how the box for Scale will reduce the display for all apps by checking the box below the built-in camera. If the box is not checked, the full-sized display with notch will return.

For those who hate notch-related issues, this is good news! You can get info on any app that has menus that are in conflict with the notch and then enable "Scale below the built-in camera".

While the app is running (even in the bg), your display is scaled.#Apple #M1Pro #M1Max #MacBookPro2021 Joseph from Sketch (@Jatodaro) October 27, 2021

Apple also states in its support document that this scaling feature will disappear if developers update their apps to correct the notch.