Two New South Park Movies Are Coming This Year, Sort Of

Let's face it. Bigger, Longer, and Uncut is the 1999 South Park movie. It's one of the greatest movie musicals. In the 22 years since its release Trey Parker, Matt Stone, and Matt Stone have not made another South Park movie. This will change in a strange way later this year.

Parker and Stone agreed to continue South Park until 2027 with a $900million deal in August. The deal included 14 new mysterious movies that would be available on Paramount+. Now, according to the Hollywood Reporter we know exactly what this means and when they will begin to arrive.

South Park: Post Covid will be the first of these made-for-TV South Park movies. It will be released on November 25, The boys are dealing with a post-covid future. Parker explained to the trade that they are just trying to return to normal. It is just like our show. We are just trying to get back on track.

These films aren't quite feature-length features like the 1999 musical. They are also not regular South Park episodes, or specials. These brand-new films run approximately an hour each. Stone stated that we are trying to make Paramount+ unique from other channels. Our head is set on hourlong made for TV movies. Two made-for TV movies are produced each year. They'll be huge, but not on the movie-scale.

Parker said that Viacom allowed us to make them as long as we wanted. Then they called them movies. For me personally, at 52 years old, I've made three movies in my entire life. You can do the math.

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Are you looking forward to these South Park mini-movies These mini-movies are enough to make you sign up for Paramount+. Tell us below.

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