Brett Favre repays $600K in Mississippi welfare case; state still seeks $228K in interest

JACKSON (Miss.) JACKSON, Miss. -- Former NFL player Brett Favre has paid $600,000. In state welfare money, he accepted for speeches in which he did not appear. However, the Mississippi auditor stated Wednesday that Favre could be sued by the state attorney general if he fails to pay the interest.
Auditor Shad white stated that Favre had paid $600,000. to the auditor's office last week. White wrote to the ex-Green Bay Packers quarterback Oct. 12, demanding $828,000 plus $228,000 interest.

White stated that $228,000 was due. "If he doesn't pay it within 30 days of our demand the AG will be responsible to enforce the payment of interest in court."

Favre isn't facing criminal charges. However, John Davis, former director of Mississippi Department of Human Services and others have been charged in one of the largest embezzlement cases in Mississippi. Davis, five other people were arrested in connection with allegations of mispending.

White stated in May 2020, that Favre, who is from Mississippi, had paid $500,000 of $1.1 million in welfare money for multiple no-show speeches. Favre was paid by Mississippi Community Education Center. The former leader of the nonprofit group is also awaiting trial.

Favre stated that he did not know that the money he had received from welfare funds in a Facebook post. Favre also stated that his charity had given millions to children in Mississippi and Wisconsin.

This report was contributed by The Associated Press.