Apple’s system to tell on creepy apps just arrived in beta

According to MacRumors, Apple's App Privacy Report was announced at WWDC 2021. It has now been integrated into the iOS 15.2 beta. The new Settings screen gives users a view of which apps have access and what they are sharing.
Apple's WWDC announcement said that the feature will reveal what permissions apps have, and how often they access them. It could even show that your weather app accesses you every hour. You can also see which web domains were contacted by the app and compare them with the ones you visited in the app. This will give you a better understanding of who might be viewing your data.

Apple's privacy policies have not been popular with all developers. Google took nearly two months to adopt iOS App Store privacy labels. Snap and Facebook partially blamed the iPhones Ad Tracking Transparency feature (which allows users to opt out of certain forms ad tracking) and missed revenue goals. If the App Privacy Report portrays developers in a negative light, it is possible to see more complaints.

It is not certain that this feature will make the final 15.2 release, as it has been with betas. Apple's SharePlay feature was included in the 15.1 beta, but it was removed from an earlier beta release. The final version did ship with this beta, so we may soon see the privacy report. It may not matter if we like the shows.