8 Great Deals on Wireless Earbuds, Smartwatches, and More

Fall is a great time to enjoy a wide range of outdoor activities. However, the most overlooked of all is exercising. It's hard to beat the cool breeze while you sweat your butt. We all know that a workout session is incomplete without the right accessories. A pair of wireless headphones, a smartwatch, or fitness tracker are essential to keep track of your progress. We've collected a variety of deals below for each.
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Wireless Earbuds Discounts

Photograph: Samsung

The Galaxy Buds2 (9/10 WIRED Recommended) are Samsung's latest wireless buds. WIRED editors Parker Hall and Parker Hall both recommend these headphones as his top picks for Android. It's important that iPhone users don't have access the Buds2 companion application. They are lightweight and have an IPX2 water resistance rating. The active noise cancellation can provide up to five hours of continuous battery life when the feature is turned on. The case can be used wirelessly to charge the device.

These earbuds were voted Best Overall in our review of the best earbuds to work out with. The Vista 2 buds are more durable than the original model and have a longer battery life.

Bang & Olufsen's earbuds look stunning and are water-resistant. They also fit small ears well, which can often be difficult to find the right size buds. The excellent sound quality of the earbuds is highly customizable. You can adjust the audio transparency or choose from different listening profiles. Battery life is up to 7 hours with the stand-alone buds and 30 hours when you include the case.

Photograph by JBL Under sArmour

Thanks to their large, winged tips, the second-generation JBL and Under Armour earbuds feel very secure while working out. The physical buttons on each bud's outside make it less annoying than the touch controls. Although it is expensive, premium features such as up to 10 hours battery life and quick connectivity via Bluetooth 5.0 are available.

The custom-molded tips of Ultimate Ears' Fits (7/10 WIRED Recommended) make it easy to find the right fit for you. The case can be removed and replaced with 20 cases. It also has great microphones and sound quality. These buds can be quite expensive, so it is worth noting that they are often priced below this.

Smartwatches and Fitness Tracker Deals

Photograph by Garmin

Garmin's VenuSq (8/10 WIRED Recommended) is an excellent entry-level fitness tracker. The touchscreen is bright and responsive and comes in a variety of colors. The Venu Sq has high-end features such as blood oxygen monitoring, sleep monitoring, and energy level monitoring. It also records common data such as steps, calories, workouts, and calories.

The Galaxy Watch4 (7/10 WIRED Recommended) is our favourite fitness tracker for Android users. This smartwatch is the first to run Wear OS 3, Google's new watch operating system. It tracks various health and fitness metrics including heart rate, ECG, SPO2, heart beat, and sleep. It all comes in a stylish, comfortable case. Unfortunately, this Galaxy Watch4 is only compatible with Android phones. Some features, such as ECG tracking, are only available for Samsung phones.

Casio's smartwatch PRT-B50 can fluctuate in price but is a great option if you are looking for rugged smartwatches for outdoor activities. It doesn't display notifications. However, it's not listed in our buying guide for the Best Smartwatches.

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