In Netflix's Horrifying K-Drama Hellbound, Hell Comes to You

Neon Genesis Evangelion has lost its monopoly in shows about divine angels sent to the earth to punish humanity for its sins. This anime shares the honor with Hellbound. Hellbound is a Netflix series by Yeon Sangh o, who directed the hit international horror movie Train to Busan and its sequel Peninsula.

These angels seem to be much more specific about who needs to die. Unfortunately for humanity, the official description of the problem states that divinely ordered death is just the beginning.

In Seoul, unbelieveable acts of hell are performed in public. People are condemned to hell by mysterious beings, and at the appointed time otherworldly beings arrive to execute the condemned in a brutal fire. Jung Jinsu, a leader of The New Truth, a new religious organization, rises above the chaos caused by these supernatural occurrences. Jung Jinsu claims that sinners only are condemned and that these events represent God's will to make people righteous. The Arrowhead is a group of his followers who have blind faith and take the punishment of those who do not follow the divine will. The world is turned into a living hell.

Min Hyejin is a lawyer who challenges Chairman Jung to claim that the manifestations of hell are simply supernatural occurrences. She joins hands with a few to help the hellbound and bring the world back to the realm of human beings, not gods. They stand up to the chaos caused by The New Truth.

This is a fascinating premise, and the trailer does not disappoint.

There are so many things I don't know. These things don't seem to be angels. What criteria do they use to decide who should die and for what purpose? Is there a secret connection between the cult and the event? 99.4 percent of cults do something sinister all the time. The attacks would continue if Min Hyejin wins.

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I want to know the answers too, but I'll have to wait until Hellbound launches on Netflix in November 19. The series features Yoo Ah-in playing Jung Jinsu the leader of New Truth, and Kim Hyun-joo portraying Min Hyejin.

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