Dallas Cowboys QB Dak Prescott (calf strain) must 'cross the threshold' to play Sunday

FRISCO (Texas) -- Dak Prescott, the Dallas Cowboys' quarterback, showed no signs of ill effects from an Oct. 17 right calf strain that had limited his availability for Sunday against the Minnesota Vikings.
Prescott did a lengthy warm-up before practice. He didn't take part in individual footwork drills like the other quarterbacks. However, he did practice simulated drops while Mike McCarthy watched. He threw passes without problems to his running backs, receivers, and tight end later.

Prescott was officially classified as limited during Wednesday practice, but CeeDee lamb said Prescott looked "regular." Same Dak. He looks amazing in his drops. He looks great in his drops, even though I don't know what restrictions he has.

Prescott was injured on the winning touchdown pass from Lamb to him in overtime against New England Patriots. The Cowboys were able to get their bye with Stephen Jones, executive vice president, saying that "it would have been a difficult one for Prescott to play last week."

Jerry Jones, general manager and owner of 105.3 The Fan in Dallas, said Tuesday that he was more optimistic about Prescott's chances against the Vikings. However, with practice week beginning Wednesday, the Cowboys will adopt a conservative approach to make their final decision.

McCarthy said that he will practice, and then he will go through each part. He's also going to be working on the game plans. McCarthy stated that McCarthy was ready to play. McCarthy said, "He has to get over the threshold to ensure he's fully-go."

McCarthy didn't define the threshold but stated that Prescott and Britt Brown, associate athletic trainer, director of rehabilitation, will make part of the decision. Britt Brown was responsible for the quarterback's recovery after his shoulder and ankle injuries.

McCarthy stated that "Britt and Dak have an incredible history and relationship so I feel like he'll be on a similar page with how he proceeds through this." McCarthy said, "He's going do everything he possibly can to play Sunday. It's a given.

McCarthy said that quarterbacks are more likely to have a calf strain than other positions and can play sooner in their rehab. McCarthy was the Green Bay Packers' head coach in 2014. He witnessed Aaron Rodgers suffer a calf strain late in the regular season, and then into the playoffs. This led to McCarthy being named NFC Championship Game Coach.

It was hard. McCarthy stated that the weather was not as favorable. McCarthy mentioned that two outdoor games were played in Seattle at the NFC Championship Game. McCarthy agreed. It was January. It was a different year, and it had different circumstances.

Is Prescott's decision affected by the fact that the Cowboys have played their seventh game of 2012 and are now leading the NFC East by 3.5 games?

McCarthy stated, "I believe it's a clear choice, we don't wish this to be an ongoing week-to-week scenario, so until he clears the threshold to minimize the risk, that's really what the decision will come to."

McCarthy stated that Cooper Rush would be able to work for the No. Prescott's health is not a concern. Rush has not participated in a game since 2019, and has not passed a pass since 2017. He completed 1 of 2 mop-up duties for Prescott.

McCarthy stated, "It's about trying to make Cooper ready and make sure Dak gets what he needs." "We have to make Cooper ready."

Ezekiel Elliott said that Prescott wouldn't play Sunday but was unsure. However, he added that "from what we have heard it sounds like he will." Although I don't worry about it, we do want Dak out there. But I have a lot faith in Rush. He had a wonderful day today."

Lamb stated that the Cowboys plan as if Prescott would play.

Lamb stated, "Even if it's not, we're ready for whoever's up next." "But I'm only about 90% certain he's going out there."