Herschel Walker gets McConnell's blessing

Officials from the party also stated that Walker is unlikely to face the same hard-fought primary as past Republican nominees. Democratic Senator Raphael Warnock (a freshman who won his seat during a January special election) will be the eventual Republican nominee. Warnock has been raising huge sums in advance of the next year's midterm elections.
"Herschel is our only hope to unite the party, defeat Senator Warnock and win the election for the Senate. McConnell stated in a statement to POLITICO that he looks forward to working in Washington with Herschel to accomplish the task.

McConnell's endorsement of Walker was the first to endorse a non-incumbent candidate in the 2022 elections.

Herschel Walker, Senate candidate, takes to the stage at the Save America rally of former President Donald Trump in Perry, Ga. on Saturday, September 25, 2021. | Ben Gray/AP Photo

Walker has had conversations with a variety of Republican senators over the past months, including McConnell and John Cornyn from Texas. Scott is the chair of National Republican Senatorial Committee. Officially, the committee remained neutral during the primary.

According to someone familiar with the matter, Walker also spoke with Wyoming Senator John Barrasso who is the Senate GOP conference chairman and gave Walker a donation.

Walker was questioned about his past behavior. He was accused of shooting at his wife and controlling her behavior. Walker was also questioned about the management of Renaissance Man Food Services, his chicken company.

Former running back, has spoken out about his battle with Dissociative Identity Disorder. This mental illness is where a person's behavior can be controlled by multiple personalities.

Walker also received endorsements by GOP Sens. Josh Hawley from Missouri, Steve Daines from Montana, Roger Marshall in Kansas, and Lindsey Graham in South Carolina. Graham played an important role in helping Walkers candidacy.