Wheel of Time New Trailer: Magic, Monsters, Rosamund Pike

The trailer for Amazon Prime Videos' upcoming adaptation of Robert Jordans fantasy epic The Wheel of Time has been released. It gives us the best glimpse yet of the magical world that is populated by both good and evil forces, led by the Dark One.

This trailer uses YouTube's 360 Experience capabilities to show you the two sides of the fight in a new way. Click the arrow at upper left corner and it will slide away from YouTube's main trailer and switch to imagery that enhances action. We recommend that you watch the entire trailer, as it will give you glimpses of the show. It's worth a look!

The trailer is unique because it features a unique immersive experience. A press release describes it as an immersive experience that allows viewers to see the trailer in 3D. To the left, fans will find Moiraines (Rosamund Pike) powerful One Power channeling. She can be heard and seen using her voice. Artifacts and symbols are hidden within the energy weaves. The corruption of the Dark One is a sign of madness and dissension. Spatial audio is also featured in the trailer, which gives fans an immersive experience with objects appearing from either side.

It's quite a lot. Pike is also in The Wheel of Times' cast. The Wheel of Time's first three episodes will be available November 19, and they will continue to roll out every Friday until the finale on December 24,

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