Sen. Bernie Sanders declared that 'the very fabric of American democracy is in danger' if progressive priorities are left out of Biden's social spending bill

As he departs the US Capitol Building in Washington, DC on October 21, 2021, Bernie Sanders, an independent senator from Vermont, speaks to reporters. Anna Moneymaker/Getty Images
Sanders stated that progressive priorities in the Build back Better bill are essential to the survival and growth of democracy.

The senator stated to reporters that if we fail, the very fabric and foundation of American democracy will be in danger.

The Democrats are still working to reach an agreement on the social spending bill.

Senator Bernie Sanders, a Vermont independent and leader of the Senate Budget Committee, stated Wednesday that American democracy could be endangered if the reconciliation bill "Build Back better" that President Joe Biden has included key progressive priorities.

Sanders spoke to reporters as senators and made the remarks to them. In a room nearby, Joe Manchin and Kyrsten Silena met with White House officials. After being asked by reporters about the status and potential cuts to various provisions of the bill, Sanders paused and raised the stakes in the negotiations.

Sanders said, "Let's just say a few things." "Sometimes, it's easy to lose sight of reality and where the American people actually are when we're in the Beltway."

"So let me repeat. He said that the American people are very clear on what they want their government do. He listed progressive priorities such as lowering prescription drug prices, expanding Medicare to include vision, hearing, and dental care, taxing the wealthy, and addressing climate changes.

Sanders stated, "The challenge we face in this truly extraordinary moment in American History is whether or not we have the courage and strength to stand with our people and take on very powerful interests." "And I will do all I can to support the president's agenda and ensure that we do exactly that."

Sanders raised his voice to emphasize the urgency in his message.

He declared, "If we fail – in my opinion, if Americans don't believe government can work for them, and is controlled by powerful special interests," "People will lose faith in their government representing them." This is the issue.

Democrats had hoped that the Build Back Better and $1 trillion bipartisan infrastructure bills would be passed this week by Democrats. President Biden will travel to Glasgow, Scotland, on Thursday, to attend the COP26 climate crisis conference. However, it now seems unlikely.

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