Those who don't know their history (from earlier in the day) are doomed to repeat it

It was a banner day for all commissioners, and Roger Goodell couldn't wait to get his entire foot in his mouth. Goodell stated that only a summary of the investigation into WFTs culture will be made public. On the SAME DAY, an NHL team published a complete report on sexual assault and harassment. Goodell seems to have forgotten that you can do worse than the NHL team if you're doing it. The end of the world is a morality test that puts the NHL on the back foot.

Although the Hawks didn't do an admirable job protecting the anonymity and identity of the player in the investigation, releasing a report does not mean that you cannot redact or conceal the names of those who were affected. This excuse is a deplorable use of their shield. This is especially true when they directly ask for the report's publication.

Although hockey may not be on Goodells radar, one lesson should have been to make covering your ass priority No. The future will be worse than the past. This is especially true when it comes the NFL where so many eyes and so much interest are paying attention. Even though he thinks he's agile and smooth, Goodell cannot hide it.

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Goodell has already poisoned water for this report. This was likely his goal from the beginning. There will be a lot of controversy when the summary is published, but Goodell will try to make it disappear. This could also indicate that Goodell is aware of the worse things to come from it. He's going to dodge it rather than face it. Goodell is a man who stands by and waits for everything to pass him by. His facial expression is that of someone who has no answers and hopes no one notices.


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