Houston Texans owner Cal McNair is the latest disgrace in the NFL

I am beginning to see a pattern.
The Washington Football Team isn't the only scandalous franchise in the NFL. The Houston Texans have systematically destroyed a promising team over the past five years through poor management, power grabs and scandal, including the latest involving Cal McNair, team owner. According to Bally Sports Michael Silver, McNair referred COVID-19 to the China Virus at a Texans charity tournament in May. A Texans executive then sent an apology to Bally Sports on Tuesday.


This is the term that was popularized by Donald Trump during the pandemic. It contributed to an increase in hate crimes against Asian Americans. Stop AAPI Hate reported receiving 3,795 hate incidents reports between March 19, 2020 and February 28, 2021, with 11.1 percent including physical violence.

These comments are not the first to be made by Texans owners. The late Bob McNair (Cals father, former owner of the team) was criticized for remarks he made in a meeting with owners regarding Colin Kaepernick's protests against police brutality and his kneeling during the national anthem. The elder McNair, who was expressing concern about the negative impact Kaps protests had on TV ratings, said that we can't have inmates running the prison. Soon after, he apologized and stated that he regrets his apology. Another racially insensitive comment he made at a meeting between owners, players was when he said: You fellas need ask your compadres. Let's stop this other business, let's go out and do something positive, and we will assist you.

McNair even expressed sympathy to Jerry Richardson, former Carolina Panthers owner who sold his team in 2018, after creating a huge statue of himself. This was as a result of allegations against Richardson of racism and sexual misconduct. McNair, the elder McNair stated at the 2018 owners meetings Richardson is an exceptional person and sometimes things can get misunderstood.

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Like Washington, the Texans had their own problems with cheerleaders. Former cheerleaders sued them for not paying minimum wage and unsafe working conditions. Altoise, the cheerleading coach, was also sued. She was accused of bullying cheerleaders and telling one to curl her hair while another Latina girl was being replaced. Gary resigned after both cases were sent to arbitration.

Sports Illustrated published a 2020 story about the Texans. It was more embarrassing than it is racist or sexist. Jack Easterby started his career as a counselor at South Carolina camp and then became a coach. In 2020, Sports Illustrated published a story about the Texans that was more embarrassing than it was racist or sexist. According to the SI story, several sources claimed Easterby was grabbing power despite being incompetent as an executive.


Washington. Houston. McNair. Richardson. Jon Gruden. Deshaun Watson. The problem with the NFL is not limited to any single player or employee. Two weeks ago, Gruden was fired by the Raiders for his racist emails. McNairs' comments were made public. McNairs comments weren't even recorded in a document. McNair's racist remarks at an event are only remembered by a few.

You can judge any outcome of the Washington investigation or trade for Watson. Keep in mind that nearly all current NFL owners were present when Kaepernick made his statement for civil rights. At 33, he is the youngest player to have been on a roster since he turned 29. His teammates voted to award him the 49ers' most prestigious honor, The Len Eshmont Award. This is given to the most courageous and inspirational player in the team.


Although the NFL can paint a message of end racism on any turf it chooses, at the rate the league is moving, this phrase is just as valuable as the paint it is painted with.