I persuaded my roommates to spend 2 nights with me in a tiny home. By the end, we couldn't wait to have our own rooms back.

The author standing in front of a WeeCasa small house in Lyons Colorado. Monica Humphries/Insider
I stayed two nights at WeeCasa Tiny House Resort. It is one of the largest tiny-home resorts in the world.

I stayed in a 212-square foot house at the Colorado resort with two of my friends for $179 per night.

Although the stay was wonderful, I was ready to return to my home with more privacy.

All over the country, tiny-home villages are appearing. The WeeCasa Resort Tiny House Resort is located just an hour from my Denver home. It is the largest resort in the world, according to its website.

A row of tiny homes at WeeCasa Tiny House Resort, Lyons, Colorado. Monica Humphries/Insider

Source: WeeCasa Tiny House Resort

I convinced my roommate and friend to stay with me for two nights in one the small homes of the resort.

Two friends and the author posed in front their tiny house rental. Monica Humphries/Insider

The property is comprised of 22 tiny homes that can be rented in Lyons, Colorado. Every house is built by a different designer and builder, which means that each home has its own unique layout, size and decor.

Bright-red house located near the WeeCasa entry. Monica Humphries/Insider

The resort's smallest home is 165 square feet. The largest home sleeps six and is 418 square feet.

One of WeeCasa’s largest tiny houses. Monica Humphries/Insider

Juniper is a tiny house measuring 212 square feet that can sleep four people.

The author standing in front of the tiny WeeCasa house called Juniper. Monica Humphries/Insider

As we packed the car for our trip, I began to wonder if all of our luggage could fit in our tiny house.

Ceci and the author in their car. Monica Humphries/Insider

We hoped for the best, and we loaded our bags into my car. We reached our destination in just over an hour.

A map showing the route of the car from Denver to Lyons in Colorado. Google Maps

After checking in, I drove through the WeeCasa resort. There were some homes that had colorful windows, while others had more modern styling. I was pleasantly surprised at how different each home could be.

WeeCasa houses come in a variety of sizes, colors, and designs. Monica Humphries/Insider

After looking at other tiny houses, it was difficult to decide if I should have chosen a bigger one. Is 212 square feet enough to house three people? What would I do if my Denver home was smaller?

Juniper, our 212-square foot house. Monica Humphries/Insider

We arrived at the house and I was concerned about privacy.

Two WeeCasa tiny home rentals side-by-side Monica Humphries/Insider

Each house was encased in a small plot of land. We would probably hear our neighbors if they were noisy, I thought. (Fortunately, our neighbors were not noisy but we did hear people outside.

Arrows emphasize the space between tiny houses. Monica Humphries/Insider

We entered the tiny house to find that there was not much privacy.

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Ceci, the author's friend, unlocked the tiny house. Monica Humphries/Insider

The tiny house had a single room that was open to the outside, apart from the bathroom door. It also contained a living space, a kitchen area and lofted bedrooms.

The interior of the rental tiny-house by the author. Monica Humphries/Insider

You walked in to the living-room, which was also used as a bedroom for 2 people, when you first entered.

The tiny house's living room. Monica Humphries/Insider

The couch had a twin-sized daybed. There was also a trundle bed underneath for an additional person.

A twin-sized mattress taken from a daybed. Monica Humphries/Insider

A countertop was located behind the living room, along with one wall of the small house, that contained a stove, toaster and sink as well as seating for one person.

The kitchen was equipped with drawers and storage space. Monica Humphries/Insider

A staircase was located along the opposite wall, with storage cubbies.

Cubbies were storage under the small house's staircase. Monica Humphries/Insider

There was also a minifridge in the cubby.

The tiny house was equipped with a refrigerator and microwave. Monica Humphries/Insider

The bathroom at the back of the house had a standard toilet, sink and shower.

Views from the bathroom. Monica Humphries/Insider

A lofted bedroom was located above the kitchen and bathroom areas. It had a queen-sized bed and a small side table.

A mattress in the loft of the tiny home. Monica Humphries/Insider

Because the ceiling was slanted, I could not fully sit up in parts of the loft. This was okay since I intended to sleep only there.

When she sat down on the bed, her head touched the ceiling. Monica Humphries/Insider

The tiny house was so small that you could touch the walls, but it didn't feel cramped. Juniper felt much bigger than its 212 square feet thanks to the high ceilings and clever storage solutions.

Katie, the author's friend, extends her arms to show how narrow the house is. Monica Humphries/Insider

If the trundle bed were only a centimeter wider, it would not have been able to fit in the dresser.

An arrow indicates the space between the dresser (trundle bed) and the dresser. Monica Humphries/Insider

Even the dresser was small enough to fit in a tiny house.

The dresser in the living area provided storage space. Monica Humphries/Insider

All our luggage fit in the storage space on the staircase, which was a great relief.

Our luggage under the staircase. Monica Humphries/Insider

We took our bags with us and explored the rest of the resort.

Katie and Ceci visited the WeeCasa Tiny House Resort. Monica Humphries/Insider

After taking a walk on WeeCasa’s property, we returned to our tiny house shortly after sunset. Before we went to bed, each of us planned how we would work together in one space.

The author and his friends relaxed on the daybed of the tiny house measuring 212 square feet. Monica Humphries/Insider

Denver is fortunate to have plenty of space in our 1,200-square foot house. We can all rotate our workstations among a variety of desks, bars, dining tables, and couches. The options in the tiny house were very limited.

The author's desk where she works remotely. Monica Humphries/Insider

WeeCasa could be your office in the great outdoors.

An arrow points at picnic tables on WeeCasa’s property. Monica Humphries/Insider

We all agreed to split our workdays at bar, daybed and outside picnic table.

View of Katie on the couch, Ceci at the counter. Monica Humphries/Insider

We were still enjoying each other after a productive night and day in the tiny house. We headed to town for dinner.

The author and two of her friends explored Lyons in Colorado with their two friends. Monica Humphries/Insider

Lyons main street was only five minutes away. It was great to have access to nature and a small town only a few minutes from our tiny-house resort.

A street in Lyons, Colorado. Monica Humphries/Insider

We decided to go to bed after more time together. I was able to scroll on TikTok and turn on the light to read before going to bed. However, at my tiny home, I was reluctant to disturb Ceci and Katie. A part of me wanted some privacy.

The resort offered chairs that overlooked the North Saint Vrain Creek, Lyons, Colorado. Monica Humphries/Insider

For two nights, it felt like the perfect amount of time to share a small house with two close friends. At the end of the trip I was content to return home to my bed and a door I could close.

The author stands in front of the tiny home. Monica Humphries/Insider

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