Beagle Org Demands Dr. Fauci Stop Supporting Animal Testing

The NIH and Dr. Fauci are receiving a clear message: STOP supporting animal testing after allegations that his agency used taxpayer funds to fund torturous dog research.
The Beagle Freedom Project is a non-profit animal advocacy and rescue group. Fauci was sent a letter demanding that he and the NIH stop funding research with animals. They also want criminal charges to be brought against anyone who was involved in the research.

The letter, which was obtained by TMZ shows that the org slams animal testing for being outdated, flawed and cruel and unethical. Fauci and the NIH are urged to end the practice.

We've already reported that Fauci is under fire for claiming documents linking NIH funded animal testing abroad, where more than 40 beagles died during insect experiments. A photo shows 2 Beagles covered in nets while sandflies bit their faces. Their vocal chords were apparently removed to stop them howling.

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Rep. Nancy Mace from South Carolina had previously written a letter to Fauci in which she and 23 of her colleagues asked for a hearing.


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