Here’s how to get the Google Play Store running on Windows 11

Developer and student in design have managed to get Google Play Store to work on Windows 11. This method allows you to install an app or game from Google's Android store and then run it alongside other Windows apps.
Microsoft began testing Windows 11 Android app support for last week. However, the official implementation was limited to the Amazon Appstore. During the preview phase, less than 50 apps were available. Installing the Google Play Store opens Windows 11 to all Android apps and games.

ADeltaX is an Italian UX student who successfully installed Google Play Store on Windows 11. He detailed the steps needed to do this. The installation process may not be easy if you aren't familiar with Linux commands and command prompts. However, ADeltaX created a video guide to help those who want to do it.

After downloading the tools and activating the Windows Subsystem Linux (WSL), I was able to set up the Google Play Store on Windows 11 in just 30 minutes. You can now use the Play Store to install any Android application on Windows 11.

You can find the complete instructions on how to install the Windows Subsystem for Android on GitHub or the YouTube walkthrough video. Microsoft is expected to make the Windows Subsystem available to all Windows 11 users within the next few months. This will also include support for Amazon Appstore.


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