You can now ask Google to remove images of under-18s from its search results

Google's new safety feature allows minors to request that images of them be removed from search results. This safety feature, which was initially announced in August with restrictions on ad targeting minors, is now widely accessible.
This help page can be used to start the removal process. The URLs of the images that they wish to be removed from search results will be required by applicants. They also need to provide the search terms that brought up those images.

Google will allow exceptions in cases of newsworthiness or compelling public interest

It is difficult to know exactly which criteria Google will use in its judgments, as it is with such types of removal requests. Google states that it will remove images of minors, with the exception of cases where compelling public interest or newsworthiness is required. This was evident in controversial cases involving the EU's right to be forgotten law.

Google's language suggests that it will not comply with requests if the person in the photo is under 18. Google won't allow you to request the removal of photos taken by you as a 15-year-old if you are 30. This limits the tools ability to stop abuse and harassment, but it makes verification easier. It is difficult to prove your age in a photo, but it is easier to prove how old you are now.

Google emphasizes that the removal of an image from search results does NOT remove it from Google. The company encourages applicants to contact the webmaster directly after they have completed the application process. Even if this is not possible, it is always possible to remove information from Google's index.

Google offers additional options to request the removal of certain types of harmful content. These include explicit imagery that is not consensual, fake pornography and financial information. Doxxing information includes home addresses and telephone numbers.