Immunocompromised Americans who had a 3rd COVID-19 shot can now get a 4th, CDC says

On Tuesday, many immunocompromised Americans were eligible for the fourth COVID-19 shot.
According to the CDC, the fourth dose may be any FDA-approved shot and can be given six months after the first.

J&J's vaccine recipients have different guidelines. They shouldn't take more than two doses.

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Under new guidelines from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the majority of fully-vaccinated immunocompromised Americans can now receive a fourth COVID-19 shot.

The CDC announced Tuesday that adults in the US who have had vaccines from Moderna or Pfizer BioNTech can now receive a fourth dose six to eight months after the last dose.

According to the CDC, the fourth dose may be any COVID-19-authorized vaccine by the Food and Drug Administration. This list includes vaccines from Johnson & Johnson, Moderna, Pfizer and Moderna. It stated that Moderna should receive a fourth dose at half the rate.

Johnson & Johnson's single dose vaccine for immunocompromised patients should be given a second dose at least two weeks after the first. However, a third or fourth shot should not be given, according to CDC guidance.

This is the first time the CDC recommends fourth doses to anyone.

This guidance does not apply to Americans at high-risk of COVID-19. However, Americans with normal immune systems are eligible for a third shot, a booster at six months.

According to the CDC, approximately 3% of Americans are severely or moderately immunosuppressed and could be at high risk for COVID-19. The CDC previously stated that these people have worse immune reactions to vaccines than those not immunocompromised.

According to the CDC, this would include people who take steroids or drugs for transplants and people with certain conditions like cancer.

According to the CDC's latest guidance, a patient's medical team is "best positioned" to decide the timing of vaccination.

The CDC reiterated the recommendation that people with immunocompromised status who have been vaccinated with Moderna's or Pfizer vaccines should receive a third dose no later than 28 days. It said that the usual dose of Moderna vaccine can be used.