Jimmy Kimmel calls out Jeff Bezos' slippery slide toward building a Death Star

Amazon founder and billionaire Jeff Bezos has announced plans to create a "business park in space" as he continues his tradition of spending extravagantly on things that no one needs.
Jimmy Kimmel Live host said, "Listen, it's cool, and Jeff Bezos has a lot of money." Tuesday. "But, you must remember, when they talk of spending tens to billions of dollars, it is hard not to wonder what part of 'the Earth' Jeff Bezos doesn't understand. Is it the plan to watch it burn?

Many of us are aware, but choose not to acknowledge that the planet we live upon is in serious danger due to climate change. Amazon warehouse workers are also suffering from infamously low conditions. Their rate of serious injury is 80 percent higher than in comparable warehouses.

It would be nice if Bezos would direct his billions towards addressing these immediate issues. Alas.

"How about spending zero dollars on a station and all the dollars you can on Earth, instead of spending billions on it?" Kimmel said.

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