Pikmin Bloom hands-on: a cute app that tries to make walking a little more magical

It's strangely satisfying to leave a trail of flowers as you walk through a neighborhood. This is also the hook of Pikmin Bloom. It's another app that helps you move in real life. The game is more fun than Pokmon Go and I have been playing it for the past few days.
Pikmin Bloom will begin its gradual rollout today as part of a partnership between Nintendo and Niantic. The game will be a collaboration between Nintendo Tokyo studio and Niantics Tokyo studio. Mario creator Shigeru Myamoto appears in the trailer. Pikmin, one of Nintendo's most obscure franchises, is not necessarily the best choice to launch the partnership. John Hanke, Niantic CEO, said that it was also a fictional world which would work well with the kind of game they wanted to make.

He explains that we tried out a number of different gameplay styles and characters with Nintendo. After much discussion and experimentation, we finally settled on Pikmin to be the best vehicle to show what Nintendo does well and Niantic does well in one game.

Pikmin, sentient plants creatures, are able to work in groups and have unique abilities based on their colors. The main games let players control large numbers of pikmin to solve puzzles. It's a combination of a puzzle game with real-time strategy. Pikmin Bloom's goal is to collect and grow new animals, at least in the beginning. This can be done by walking. For some reason, you can find new seeds that you can plant in your backpack. Each one requires a number of steps to become a fully-fledged pikmin.

Grid View

You can also feed your pikmin the nectar which causes them bloom. This will net you flowers which can be used to plant flowers in your gardens. There are two advantages to this. This has two benefits: your pikmin seedlings grow faster and you'll also be leaving a trail of flowers. They also make the world look beautiful. The main view in Pokmon Go is a cartoonish map of the surrounding world. Except for some pikmin sprouts that you can find at certain locations, it is mostly empty. You can add some flowers to brighten things up.

This game is the perfect vehicle for expressing what Nintendo does well and Niantic's strengths in one game.

According to what I've seen, Pikmin Bloom seems less traditional than Pokmon Go. This is especially true when you consider the current version Go, which has seen a lot of changes since its launch in 2016. It's more passive. It has been quiet so far. I leave it on as I go about my day. I check in occasionally to see if any pikmin are blooming or to turn on the trail. Bloom also has a journal-like feature called Bloom that summarizes your daily activities. You can view your day's activities and track how many steps you took in a short video at the end. This information is also available from a calendar. You can even add photos and notes to personalize the experience. This allows you to go back to see exactly what you did on that particular day.

While there are obvious similarities between Pikmin bloom and Pokmon Go, which includes an AR feature that allows you to see the adorable plant creatures walking in the real world philosophically in real time, they seem to be moving in different directions. Pikmin Bloom uses a Nintendo franchise to gamify walking, whereas Pokmon Go attempted to make a fictional world more real.

However, I am still early in the game and it is likely that the game will be updated regularly with new features over the next weeks and months. It sounds like there are more game-like features in the pipeline. Madoka Katayama UX director of Niantics Tokyo studio spoke out about more dangerous elements that could put your pikmin at risk.

It is usually quite safe. However, there will be some gameplay where they may not return. It's something that happens very rarely in the game and happens further into the gameplay.

Katayama states that we don't use the term "death". They don't die in reality conceptually.