Google Stadia tries something new: a free 30-minute game trial

Google's Stadia cloud gaming platform is constantly innovating new ways to draw gamers. It finally tried one of our suggestions for years: Free time-limited trial periods for entire games so that you could see if it's right for you. 9to5Google reports that you can now go to Stadia and sign in with Google. You will be able to play Hello Engineer for 30 minutes free of charge by following this link. Scroll down to the Free trial button below.
Google has a dedicated page for any other free trials it may offer in the future. However, it does not appear to include Hello Engineer at this time. Google has previously offered limited demos.

It's still not as easy as it should be. Signing in with your Google account is still required. Even if you already have a Google account for Gmail or Drive, you will still need to go through the security and health screens, as well as another screen to verify your access. Finally, wait for the game to load. You are not yet at the magic click an ad to instantly play a game.

It is a small step, but it is a good start. Why not? A demo is easy to create from a publisher's or game developer's perspective. Privacy concerns should be alleviated by the fact it's a cloud-based game. When Gaikai arrived on the cloud gaming scene over a decade ago, it demonstrated the your-game-ad-can-be-a-game concept right from the beginning.

You can purchase Hello Engineer for $19.99 on Stadia or sign up to a Stadia Pro subscription which includes it free of charge. You can also get Super Bomberman R Online and Destiny 2 on Stadia for absolutely free. To find out if cloud gaming technology works for you, you can simply try it with three games right away.

You shouldn't expect Google to give its all for Stadia. In February, I wrote that Google was more interested in whitelabel potential. Last week, we found out that AT&T had offered to give Google a free trial of Batman: Arkham Knight.


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