Niantic’s Pikmin Bloom is rolling out globally starting today

Pikmin Bloom is the next Pokmon Go game creator Niantic and it's global rollout began today. According to the developer, the app, which is being billed as a collaborative project with Nintendo, will be available on Google Play and the App Store over the next few days.
As part of a new partnership between Nintendo and Niantic, the new Pikmin was announced March 1. The game, which is similar to Pokmon Go and designed to encourage people to walk and get outdoors, is called Pikmin Bloom. Pikmin Bloom allows players to collect and plant the titular plants creatures. To make them grow, they must be walked a certain distance. This is similar to hatching an egg in Pokmon Go. To make their pikmin bloom, players can feed them and then collect the petals. This allows you to create a trailer with flowers that you can walk to show other players. Your avatar in-game is a Mii, among other Nintendo-like features.

Pikmin Bloom has a daily journal, which is one of the most interesting features. You can save information such as how many steps you have taken, how many pikmin you have collected and where you've been. Then, you will see a short video at the end. To make the game more personal, you can add photos and notes. You can also use the AR mode to see cute little guys moving around in the real world.

Although Pokmon Go was a huge success, Niantic has not been able to duplicate that success with its other properties. Harry Potter: Wizards Unite didn't really take off and Catan: World Explorers lasted only around a year. It's not just Niantic who is struggling to duplicate that success; Microsoft also closed down its real-world Minecraft earlier this year. It is also working on an AR version of Transformers.

Pikmin Bloom is a test case for real-world AR games other than Pokmon Go. Players around the globe should be able check it out within the next few days. Check out our hands-on review for more information.