The First Cowboy Bebop Trailer Has Finally Landed

Forget the boring blog intro! The first trailer for Netflix's live-action Cowboy Bebop series has been waiting since forever. It's finally here. You can now watch.
If you don't have an attachment to Cowboy Bebop, this series looks fun and sci-fi. John Cho wears a funny haircut and chases bounties through the solar system with his friend, the woman he sometimes wants to kill. There's also a cute corgi and a fun soundtrack.


You wouldn't want to miss that show! If you are a true fan of the original TV series and would only allow a remake of the anime to exist, then this is the right place for you. You will likely be furious at Daniela Pinedas' less sexually explicit Faye. The character of Ed is absent, along with a multitude of other minor to major changes. Some of these changes might make you scream into your pillows at night.

However, I believe that anime fans who understand the concept of Cowboy Bebop will be able to enjoy the Cowboy Bebop remix. It is, in fact, what they should have called it. Regular audiences will find it no more confusing than Cowboy Bebop. It is faithfully reproducing the original series beats, except that it uses Yoko Kannos music. These are the parts I enjoy the most. I believe this Bebop has the courage to take the original scripts and create its own style.

Although this is a lot to fit into a trailer of 2.5 minutes, it's not the only thing I do. We also know that the Netflix creators have deliberately tried to remake the original. Javier Grillo Marxuach, a writer, told io9 last summer, "You have 26 episodes full of very colorful villains. Very colorful stories. Very colorful adversaries. Bounties. And all that." We won't be focusing on each of these stories individually as we are trying to tell the larger story of Spike Spiegel, the Syndicate and Spike Spiegel, Julia, Spike Spiegel, Vicious, and all that. We are looking at the show to see who the greatest villains are and how can they be integrated into the larger narrative.

The live-action Cowboy Bebop will perform exactly as this trailer shows. If you decide that this remix is not for you, you still have the original album. Cowboy Bebop premieres on Netflix November 19, featuring Cho as Spike Spiegel, Mustafa Shakir playing Jet Black, Pineda as Faye Valentine and Mustafa Shakir playing Jet Black.

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