In New York City, You Can Climb Up the Exterior of a 1,200-Foot Skyscraper

New York's cityscape is breathtaking.
Manhattan's five observation decks cost $40 per person to view the city from its highest points. Tourists usually only choose to experience the experience once in their entire visit.

This has sparked a fierce competition among skyscrapers to be the top observation deck.

SUMMIT One Vanderbilt was the latest entrant to the market. It opened earlier this month to great acclaim because of its tango-like experience with the vista.

Edge at Hudson Yards is now the second-youngest rival and offers the highest outdoor skyscraper climbing on the planet.


City Climb is an aerial adventure that will thrill the spine. It launches Tuesday, November 9.

The goal is to reach the 1,271-foot peak of the building. A guide will lead small groups up the stairs and platforms that are located on the exterior of this structure. (See below).

(Credit to Edge)

The climb can be done in open air. Each climber is connected to the facade by a trolley-and harness system. This will hopefully prevent fatal jumps or accidents, which is a problem at Hudson Yards' other climbable structure the Vessel.


Participants must be at least 13 years old, weigh between 65-310 pounds and be between 4' 9" and 6' 7".

Before going outdoors, all participants must complete a training program. Guests must be able to climb 370 steps.

This will not be an experience for avid photographersparticipants won't be allowed to carry cameras (too dangerous for those on the street below should any devices be dropped).

Visitors can instead pay to have their photos taken by guides. This fee will be added to the $185 experience fee.


You can get a video of the ascent right now. However, it's not known how long this offer will last. For $36 per person, you can have your friends stand on the Edge observation deck to take photos.

Participants in City Climb will receive jumpsuits and tethers for glasses and sunglasses, just like at Auckland's Sky Walk.

To ensure they are sober, climbers will need to undergo Breathalyzer testing. Guests are encouraged to stand at the top of the climb and put their trust in the harnesses. Yikes!


Edge has Edge been the leader in the observation deck wars. It will be fascinating to see what Edge comes up with to make it even better. Pun intended.

City Climb's website has more information and can be used to make reservations.


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