California is suing Kanye West's Yeezy brand for allegedly violating a rule that requires notice or a refund when products don't ship within 30 days of ordering

Kanye West's clothing company Yeezy filed to have a trademark dispute dismissed by Walmart. Rich Fury/VF20/Getty images for Vanity Fair
Kanye West's apparel label is back in court. This time, it is because of shipping delays.

The state claims that Yeezy failed ship products in 30 days. This is a violation of California's business code.

Continually, shipping delays are caused by the supply-chain crisis at LA ports.

Kanye West's clothing brand Yeezy was sued by the State of California Friday for illegal shipping delays.

California claims that Yeezy repeatedly violated the state's commercial code by failing to ship items within thirty day, failing to provide sufficient delay notices for California consumers, and offering a refund." According to the lawsuit.

California's business code says that if a company doesn't ship products online within 30 days, it must offer a refund or send "equivalent, superior replacement goods" and give the customer a written notice of delay.

Despite the fact that Yeezy delivered items on time, West's fans may not be happy with the long shipping times mentioned throughout the suit. The country continues to be affected by the supply-chain crisis that is centered in California's ports.

The musician has yet to comment on whether Yeezy is experiencing delays in shipment and did not immediately reply to Insider's request.

According to (the domain in the suit), customers should allow 2-3 business days for their order to be processed and 3-5 days for shipping.

Adidas was not named in the lawsuit as a defendant, even though West worked with Adidas to sell Yeezy clothing.

Adidas does have a disclaimer about shipping times on their website: "Due the coronavirus’s impact and the mandates, your order might experience a delay in shipping." This is due to a variety of factors including travel restrictions, available personnel, federal/state/local mandates, and/or travel restrictions.

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According to a Financial Times report, Harm Ohlmeyer, Adidas' Chief Financial Officer, told journalists in August that supply chain problems could cause Adidas to lose as much as $580million in sales by the end the year.

This isn’t the first time West’s brand has been brought to court. Walmart, the retailer giant, filed a complaint with the US Patent and Trademark Office in April claiming that Yeezy’s logo design is too similar to its logo.

The legal team representing the musician candidly stated that Walmart "certainly knew, as did the consuming public that the last thing [Yeezy] wanted to do was associate itself with [Walmart]".

Within a few months of the feud, West sued Walmart for allegedly making 'virtually identical' knockoffs of his foam-Yeezy shoes. Insider's Grace Kay reported previously.

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