Biden hopes fines on lingering cargo ships ease congestion at major U.S. ports

WASHINGTON - The Biden administration hopes that new penalties imposed on cargo carriers at America's busiest port will reduce the increasing logjam of cargo vessels. Containers transported by trucks in Los Angeles and Long Beach will be fined for nine days, while containers that are moved by rail will receive three days. Starting Nov. 1, carriers will be subject to $100 per lingering container. In a statement, Mario Cordero, Executive Director of Port of Long Beach, stated that terminals are rapidly running out of space and that this will allow for containers to be placed on ships at anchor.
Long Beach and Los Angeles ports are waiting for container ships to load on October 13, 2021. Los Angeles Times

Jen Psaki, White House press secretary, told reporters Tuesday that the administration is continuing to "press on ways to address issues within the supply chain," and that Biden will be meeting with leaders at the G-20 meeting to discuss disruptions in global commerce. Psaki explained that both ports have moved 19% more containers in 2018 than in 2018. This was the previous record, and the ports continue to surpass the previous record of 17.5 millions containers processed in 2018. In an effort to reduce bottlenecks, the Biden administration announced a plan to operate 24/7 at Long Beach and Los Angeles ports.

The Port of Los Angeles will open its doors to cargo trucks on Wednesday, October 13, 2021, in San Pedro, CA. Los Angeles Times


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