Salesforce’s Kathy Baxter and Amazon’s Nashlie Sephus talk keeping AI ethical at enterprise scale – TechCrunch

AI and big data are a key part of many enterprise-scale businesses. However, it can be difficult to use them ethically and safely. AWS's Nashlie Sephus and Salesforce's Kathy Baxter have made ethical AI and data collection their business for the past few years. They both raised the alarm about machine bias and provided solutions. They will discuss the increasing need for work similar to theirs at the top levels of business tech at Wednesday's TC Sessions: SaaS.
Dr. Sephus is the applied science manager at Amazon Artificial Intelligence. She focuses on fairness, detection of biases and fairness in data and machine-learning models. After the acquisition of the startup, she rose through the ranks. She was a Battlefield alumnus Partpic. She is now an ethics evangelist, working with different teams to ensure that AI models and databases are correctly deployed, and she also leads The Bean Path in Jackson, Mississippi, where she assists the next generation of tech workers.

Baxter arrived at Salesforce via Google, eBay, and Oracle. She worked for many years in user experience research. She was one of the first to identify the dangers of systematic bias when a company is preparing to integrate AI at an essential level. Marc Benioff, the founder and CEO of Ethical AI Practice, gave her permission to head the team. The team would perform both research and advisory roles on fair and equitable data use and machine learning models. The Maturity Model is a great starting point.

They will discuss why and how companies can develop ethical AI practices, and the ways that the enterprise and AI worlds are learning and internalizing them. What company isn't thinking about putting AI to use in a major way? You owe it your self to listen to what they have to share.

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