Embattled Facebook Hires Britney Spears’ Lawyer

Britney was freed by him. Now hes fighting for Zuckerberg.
Doomsday Machine

It's not easy to be the largest social media company in the world.

Facebook is not only responsible for embarrassing leaks but also has to deal Doomsday machine, a new TV series that will focus on several notable controversies, including its handling of user data and inability to counter misinformation during the 2016 elections.

According to Deadline, Facebook has hired Mathew Rosengart, the same lawyer that helped Britney Spears escape her abusive conservatorship. Rosengart wrote Anonymous Content, the production company for the show, warning them that legal action would be taken if they include any falsehoods or exaggerations regarding Facebook.

Rosengart, who was contacted by Deadline, wrote that even though our client is well-known, the truth still matters.



A Ugly Truth

This series is based upon An Ugly Truth by Cecilia Kang and Sheera Frenkel, which details how Facebook helped to spread hate speech, misinformation and compromise the personal data of its users.

Rosengart stated in his letter that An Ugly Truth contains a lot of false and defamatory statements and characterizations about Facebook leadership. He also stated that the company would take all necessary legal action if any of these alleged lies were shown on TV.

Although the company may indeed file a defamation suit against the company when the series is released, it's worth noting that this is likely to be just a legal chest thumping on the part of Facebook. They might not be able to prove that any of the horrifying claims in An Ugly Truth are true, even though they have Britneys lawyer on their side.

READ MORE: Facebook warns anonymous content against irrecklessly proceeding with an ugly truth TV adaptation [Deadline]



Facebook's new name?

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