Tom Brady gave 1 bitcoin to a fan for returning the football he threw for his 600th touchdown

Tom Brady. AP Photo/Justin Rex
For returning a legendary football, Tom Brady gave 1 bitcoin to a fan.

Wide receiver Mike Evans handed the 600th touchdown football to the fan.

Bitcoin traded at $60,000 this week. Brady could possibly sell the ball at as high as $900,000.

As a reward for his historic throw, Tom Brady made history recently by throwing the 600th NFL touchdown. He also gave one bitcoin to a Tampa Bay Buccaneers fan.

Brady, a pitchman for crypto exchanges FTX, and the Buccaneers won a 38-3 victory against the Chicago Bears on Sunday. Brady also threw a milestone touchdown to wide receiver Mike Evans. Evans saw a fan with a jersey bearing his name and gave it to him. He later realized what he did.

This triggered a scramble among Buccaneers staff in order to retrieve the ball from the lucky fan. Byron Kennedy, 29, posted a video he had filmed of Brady's pass as well as his own getting the ball on Twitter.

Kennedy said that he was reluctant to give the ball back to the Tampa Bay Times, but decided to return it after finding out Brady wanted it back. Kennedy didn't leave empty-handed.

Brady gave Kennedy one bitcoin, whose current value was more than $60,000 at current prices. However, the bitcoin was given as an additional reward. According to Kennedy will be receiving, among other rewards, two signed jerseys from Brady and a helmet, a signed jersey and two season passes for the rest of this season as well as for 2022.

According to CBS Sports, Ken Goldin, founder of Goldin Auctions said that the football thrown for the 600th touchdown could have a value as high as $500,000 and could "easily” sell for $900,000.