Native Union Brings Back iPod Socks, But for AirPods

Native Union announced this week the launch of AirPods Beanies. This new case for the AirPods is modeled after the famous iPod Sock. AirPods Beanies will appeal to iPod lovers and are available just after the 20th anniversary.

Apple started selling iPod socks in 2004. A set of six was $29. They were first introduced by Steve Jobs in 2004 and sold six pairs for $29.

The AirPods Beanies have a two-tone knit design similar to the iPod Sock. They are available in four pastel colors: Glacier (Peach), Indigo (Sage), and all other AirPods models. The Beanies can fit all AirPods models including the original AirPods and AirPods 2, AirPods 3 and AirPods Pro.

Although the Beanies look almost identical to the original iPod Socks they are shorter and more suitable for the AirPods. They also come in a variety of new colors. They can be removed for wireless charging or when not in use. The Beanies also protect the AirPods and can be kept in a bag or pocket.

Native Union sells the AirPods Beanies as a set of 4 for $19.99. They can be ordered from the Native Union website.