Scotland to accept lateral flow tests for international travel

Scotland is now allowing lateral flow testing for international travelers arriving in the country. This follows England and Wales.
First minister Nicola Sturgeon made this announcement today. It applies to all fully-vaccinated returnees from countries not on the red list.

Currently, all arrivals to Scotland must take a PCR Covid Test on the second day of their arrival. However, lateral flow Covid tests are accepted starting at 4am on Sunday October 31 provided that there is photographic evidence.

Travellers who arrive in Scotland can book their accommodation from a list approved providers on starting Friday, October 29 at 5 p.m.

England began accepting lateral flow testing starting Monday, October 24. Transport secretary Grant Shapps made the announcement in Westminster on October 15. Eluned Morgan, the Welsh health minister, said that she was reluctant to make similar announcements as Grant Shapps when she made the same announcement on October 31.

Sturgeon stated: The Scottish government has agreed to this change for practical reasons.

She stated that she expected lateral flow tests will cost between 20-30 dollars and 30 dollars less than a conventional PCR test.

Sturgeon said that he is confident that travellers and the travel industry will welcome this change. To confirm a positive lateral flow test, it is important to get a PCR test.

Barrhead Travel was happy to hear the news.

Jacqueline Dobson, President: Finally, we can move into Christmas with the most sustainable travel framework since before the pandemic.

International travel can only be fully recovered if there is a four-nation approach. It is therefore possible to see more coordinated decision-making than it was earlier in the year.

Dobson said: The market is feeling confident: this can be seen in the increase in October's demand from our customers. Every announcement brings an increase in bookings, and I expect that this move will not be any different.

The world is opening up and people are eager to reconnect with their loved ones, countries, and cultures. All across the country, our teams are ready to assist customers in their long-awaited travel plans.