The Mannings are back to try to save a far-from-marquee Monday Night Football matchup

Although the Manning brothers went on a one-fifth season break, they returned yesterday to present the fourth Manningcast for the 2021 NFL Season. Eli and Peyton were back in their respective basements or dens to provide commentary on the low-scoring Saints - Seahawks Monday Night Football matchup, which New Orleans lost 13-10.

The Peyton-Elis deal allows for 10 games in the current season. Since Week 3, there had been no Manningcast. Nick Saban, Alabama's coach, made me feel very broken by explaining that he had put so many players in the NFL and it was his job to keep track each week of their performance.

Although it is unlikely that ESPN expected Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson would miss this game due to a fractured index finger, they can take comfort in the fact that Sunday Night Football was also affected by that injury in Week 6's overtime Steelers win against the Seahawks. The Mannings returned to the field at a perfect time for ESPN. Jameis Winston vs. GenoSmith turned out to be a sleeper. The QBs threw respectively for 222 yards and 167 yards with 1 touchdown. Drew Brees, Tom Brady, Sue Bird and Marshawn Lynch were among the star-studded guests at the Manningcast.

When Lynch dropped the big F-bomb on ESPN, ESPN definitely got its money's worth.

Peyton was able to experience firsthand the joy of spending quality time with Lynch during the Season 2 premiere episode of ESPN+'s Peytons Places. Lynch shared his story about when he used the injury cart to spin on the field in college at California and also revealed his pregame superstition to take a shot Hennessy.


Six teams were on a bye this Week, including the Dallas Cowboys and Los Angeles Chargers. The week was not stellar. However, the most exciting late window games of Week 7 saw a nine-point Los Angeles Rams win against the winless Detroit Lions.

This week was probably the best week ever to see Eli and Peyton make bad jokes and not know when commercials will come.