Social media pressure on managers 'out of control', says Phil Neville

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Solskjaer to survive Liverpool capitulation: "Man Utd don’t have a style in play"

Phil Neville, Inter Miami coach, says that football bosses are under pressure from social media.

After Sunday's 5-0 defeat at home by Liverpool, Ole Gunnar Solskjaer, his former Manchester United teammate and current boss, has been the subject of a storming firestorm.

It seems increasingly likely that the Norwegian will continue to be in charge of Saturday's match at Tottenham.

Neville, however, stated that social media was an absolute hellhole for those who are the lowest of the lowest.

He said, "We live in an age where it's quite normal to ask for people to be fired. This is absolutely amazing to me." If you were in any other workplace, and you entered a shop and said "I want you to get sacked", I believe you would be reported the police.

"People don’t realize that the things that they write hurt their families, hurt people, and cause problems in their lives. Nothing is done to change it."

Sunday's loss was United's worst home defeat against rivals, and it was the first time that they had trailed 4-0 at the half-time of the Premier League.

Neville, however, was part of the United team that lost at Newcastle 5-0 and Southampton 6-3 in October 1996. However, Neville went on to win the title.

He told the Miami Herald that "these things happen in football." "I believe the sensationalism of all things now is out of control.

"Yes, it was probably quite a harrowing experience for everyone who has ever supported or played with Manchester United. It's not like United have ever lost 5-0.

"The only difference was that there weren't a billion people on Twitter who thought they knew the best about this, that, and the other."

Steve Bruce, a former United teammate, stated that the abuses he suffered as Newcastle manager had 'took an toll on his entire family' and he quit the club last week.

Neville said that the Steve Bruce case was beyond reproach. This was bullying, disgusting behavior, trolling, and some of the most disgusting things that I've ever seen or read in my entire life.