Kyrie Irving and Dave Chappelle are being used as Black ‘pawns’ on a white chessboard

Dave Chappelle and Kyrie Irving are being played.

This is not a fight for free speech or freedom of will. This is not a debate about whether the government or corporate entities should be allowed mandating human rights, no matter how they spin it.


What you were actually watching was two men who believe their good intentions outweigh faulty execution. They don't realize that the people they are trying to sway are using their names and positions.

Monday's victory was 104-99 for the Brooklyn Nets over the Washington Wizards. Kevin Durant was the leading scorer with 25 points, while James Harden contributed 14 points and 9 assists. They moved up to.500 with the win, but they are currently at 2-2 because Irving is still out.

Durant stated after a recent loss that he is not going to say "When we get down, or it's a tight game like Damn," while we are playing. We won't be thinking about that during the game. Kyrie Irving is definitely wanted on the floor. He is an integral part of our work. It isn't happening right now. We have to solve it.

We can't lose our confidence in the game, and we hope Kyrie saves us. We have to play. Everyone is proud of what they do. All we have to do is play.

Durant made these comments after the Nets lost at home to Hornets. Monday's win against the Wizards was therefore much needed. But basketball is not the main story with the Nets. Monday was an excellent example.

Bradley Beal, Wizards' star guard, is also an anti-vaxxer. Like Irving, Bradley Beal, Wizards star guard, is an anti-vaxxer. Rolling Stone published an exclusive report Sunday on white homegrown terrorists who stormed Capitol. It revealed that they had participated in numerous planning meetings with members and staff of Congress, while promises of blanket pardons were made by the Oval Office.


Irving, the man who has given more than his time and money to his Native American people and the hungry and even bought a house to house George Floyds family, is now being used by the same crowd as a puppet.

This is what happens when you believe that you are always the smartest person in a room, but youre really just a narcissist who surrounds himself with idiots.


We consider you a contrarian who has no cause. They see you as a foolish pawn.


On Monday, Dave Chappelle also proved that he has fallen into the same pit as Irving when he posted an Instagram video in which he once more defended his position. He is trying to play the victim of the controversy that his new standup special The Closer has created at Netflix and with the LGBTQ community due to his continuing harmful jokes about the transgender community. A transgender employee at Netflix was fired earlier this month for speaking out against Chappelle.

Everyone in this audience should know that, even though media portrays it as me against that community, it is not. Chappelle said that you should not put the blame on the LBGTQ community for this shit. They have nothing to do. It's all about corporate interests, and what I can and cannot say. This is for the record and I want you to know that everyone I know in that community has been supportive and loving, so I don't know what this all nonsense is about.


Then he added this:

To transgender people, I'm more than happy to be your audience. But you won't summon me. I will not bow to anyone's demands.


This happens when you view yourself as the leader in a comedy genre at a time when most of your coworkers feel they shouldn't have to.

We see you as a contrarian who has a flawed and obsolete cause. They see you as a manipulable pawn.


(This is where I remind you of Eddie Murphy's old jokes. Murphy revealed that Murphy said it in 2019: "Oh my God, I can't believe I said that."


I'm not bothered by people who disagree with Irving or Chappelle at this point. We have reached a point where you can be steadfast about which side you take when it comes down to them. This isn't about making good points or fighting against the machine. It's about accepting that you are a victim to a group of people who wouldn't do the same thing for you. Irving and Chappelles narcissism have made them blind to the fact they are puppets in a real-time minstrel performance. The strings are pulled by white hands.

Look at their support.

Irving cites the likes Marjorie Taylor Greene and Clay Travis as individuals who have shown through their words and actions that they don't care about Black people, especially those who dribble a basketball for work.


Comedy stars like Jon Stewart, Louis C.K. and Joe Rogan have supported Chappelle in some way. They are all white men who have a history in saying and doing insensitive words towards Black women or come across as progressive commentators.

Kyrie Irving cannot see the back screen coming. Dave Chappelle doesnt realize hes a punchline.


Who is the pawn right now?