Biden Administration Moves To Reverse Two Trump-Era Rules In Bid To Protect Endangered Species

The U.S. The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service and National Marine Fisheries Service proposed to repeal two 2020 rules set by Donald Trump. This would give the agencies more power to stop development in endangered species habitats. It is part of a wider White House effort to reverse Trump's policies.

A California Brown Pelican, an endangered species, was seen stretching in La Jolla on January 27, 2003. Getty Images

The Key Facts

Officials said Tuesday that reversed decisions will allow wildlife services to enforce the 1973 Endangered Species Act of 2003, which established the framework for protecting endangered species and their habitats. Trump-era policy changes permitted local governments to remove habitat protections for endangered species in the event of economic development. U.S. U.S. The second Trump-era change was a strict regulatory definition of habitat in environmental legislation. Critics said it did not allow enough flexibility to ensure good climate and environmental policy. These proposed rollbacks aim to reverse the Trump-era changes. The proposals must be approved by the U.S. Congress and subject to public comment for 30 days. Fish and Wildlife Service.

Important Quote

The proposed actions today will bring the (Endangered species Act) back in line with its original intent and purpose of protecting and recovering America's biological heritage for future generations. This is according to Shannon Estenoz, Assistant Secretary for Fish and Wildlife and Parks.


These two Trump policies are being targeted by the Biden White House. The Biden administration reversed Trump-era regulations regarding abortion funding, transgender persons serving in the millitary, and fetal tissue research. They also sent aid to Palestinians in less than one year. After Trump's departure from the UN Human Rights Council three years ago, the U.S. was elected to join the council.

Important Background

These two rules were completed in December 2020, Trump's final leg as president. Trump's term was criticised for allowing environmental regulations to be relaxed and favoring development policies. Federal wildlife officials recommended in September that 23 species of the U.S 22 animal and one plant be declared extinct. Bridget Fahey from Fish and Wildlife Services, who is responsible for species classification, said that it was a stark reminder of the fact that extinctions are a result of human-caused environmental changes.