A pastor held in connection to suspected human sacrifices was killed in a police car crash on his way to be charged

Authorities said that Kevin Smith, a pastor, was killed in a car accident involving police officers. Douglas Sancha/Getty Images
Police said that a pastor who was being held over human sacrifices, was killed in a car accident.

Kevin Smith was described as a prophet by his congregants and is said to have made them kneel for him.

It was believed that his church had been involved in ritual killings and a shootout against the police.

According to the police, Monday's police report said that a Jamaican pastor who was involved in human sacrifices was killed in a car accident.

The leader of Pathways International Kingdom Restoration Ministries, Kevin Smith, was killed while being transported from Montego Bay, Jamaica to face charges related to ritual killings, according to Jamaica Observer.

According to a police representative, Smith was being moved by police in two cars. One of the cars overturned, killing Smith and a cop officer, while injuring two other officers.

Stephanie Lindsay, senior superintendent of police, stated that authorities are still not sure what exactly happened.

She said that one vehicle was the pilot and the other was behind. According to the pilot vehicle's account, the vehicle behind heard a crash sound and realized the vehicle had overturned.

Shootouts, killing rituals, and prophetic claims

Smith's tragic death is just the latest in a series of dramatic and violent events that have surrounded Pathways International.

According to Jamaica Loop, police arrived at the Montego Bay church of the group's Montego Bay branch on October 17 after receiving reports that a member had reported that she was being stabbed in a ritual.

Jamaica Loop, citing authorities, reported that a deadly shootout took place and that one man was shot to death.

Two bodies were later discovered by the police in the church's basement. One was a man who had sustained gunshot wounds, and one was a woman whose throat was slit. A wounded man, who claimed he had been stabbed and shot as part of a ritual, was also discovered.

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Jamaica Loop reported that a camera was found in the room. However, it is not clear if it was used for recording the murders.

The Observer spoke to an unnamed woman, identified as a member of a church, who claimed she witnessed the woman's throat be slashed.

The woman stated, "It was intense." "When I saw blood, and the young woman fell, I said: "This is it for you." After witnessing the violence, she said that she and other members of her church fled the area.

Smith was among the 42 people arrested by police, but most of them were released later.

Later, the pastor was seen talking to officers in a video widely distributed.

He said, "I am the fountain for life." They approached me and asked me who I was.

According to The Daily Beast, a pamphlet published by Pathways International identified Smith as the "former crown ambassador of the Throne Of Nubia Sheba," a globe traveler to more than 100 countries around the world and Yeshua Hamashiach end-time Prophet to the Nations.

According to The Daily Beast, he called his congregation "Crown Bishop" so that they would kneel before him when they spoke with him.

According to the Observer, members of the church described Pathways International as a "regular church" after being shocked by the murder allegations. Congregants created a GoFundMe page to pay Smith's legal fees shortly after his arrest. They called Smith "His Excellency Kevin Smith999," but it appears that it has been removed.

Some of them said to the Observer that Smith was still alive even after Smith's official death confirmation.

One member stated to the outlet that he does not believe any media reports about him.

She said, "But if it is, he didn’t die in the car accident." He was already dead."

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